Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk like a Pirate

Ahoy Maite's,

Today is the official talk like a pirate day....For those of you who are interested, go check out what this really is

I was thinking about writing like a pirate but when I tried, I realized how brutal this would be. I would like you to check out Seth Godin's blog today He makes some good points, unfortunatly he falls a little short so I want to clear things up.

He states that you should be focusing in on your real distribution when looking at web traffic (or vists to McDonalds). This is true. That you should not focus on Mean, but Median as well. Again, another salient point. However, in the example he gives you, median would have the possibility of not giving you the full story. Media is the middle value. So, let's say you had 4 visitors. if these visitors came to the site 1,1,9, and 10 times, your mean would be 5.25 and your median would be 5. Not much of a differnce...However, your mode would be 1! This may be important to say my although I sometimes have some high number of visits, my most frequently occuring is 1.

Of course different scenarios call for different measures of central tendancy. So yes, he is correct, make sure you measure more than mean, but if you are going to go in the right direction, make sure you go all the way!

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