Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Statisticians Shouldn't Watch Sports

Check out this link. I got a kick out of this. First of, I really liked his reasoning. For the most part, he controlled for all the variables he needed to control for and made things simple yet elegant (I assume when he controlled for defensive points, he also controlled for only yards allowed by Defense.). Secondly, I understand this man's pain. Can't even watch a game without trying to analyze some mundane fact that only other people like him would like, which in turn causes my wife soem pain as well, having to hear it.

So, for all of you people out there that want to go check out if their team is a "bend but don't break" defense, one bit of warning. He focused on the Pac-10. So, what would be interesting to know if his ratio would stay the same in different conferences. I would assume possibly not. If not, then to have an accurate ratio, you may need to focus on each conference and then within division I football.

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