Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Probability of Eye Injuries


OK, sorry everyone. I am back. I had a little mishap. I was running and I actually got stung in the eye with a wasp. Now, I was thinking, what is the probability of THAT happening. So I tried to do a little research on wasp stings and the likelihood of getting stung in the eye. Unfortunately, there is little information out there that can be used. I did find that there was about 9K fireworks related mishaps a year, and 30% of these affecting the eye. Hm, little curious to find out where in the country this happens the most! I also found out that there were about 42,286 work related injuries to the face in 2002 and 70% involved the eye. Dang! Unless I was working with bee keepers, that won't help me.

Do you ever feel like this when trying to calculate what seems to be a simple issue? You can't find the correct data, and you end up chasing the wrong information. Sometimes, in the case of the wasp sting, you may just have to cut your loses and try another day. Otherwise you can reach too hard for honey which turns out to be just jam.

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